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DESKTOP SOLDERING ROBOT-Advanced Soldering Robot

Advanced Soldering Robot

The top share robotic soldering series in the world : SMARTER BRAND S3030-PBT-4-100 robot

Soldering is a technique for connecting electronic components using heat to fuse them together on a circuit board with solder wire. Soldering can also be used for electronic repairs of musical instruments, amplifiers, computers, video equipment or just about any other device using electronics–start fixing your own stuff!

Universal desktop soldering robot for automation.
Offered in a wide range of models and with a proven track record of success, our tabletop robots allow easy operation: Set up just "once", then operators push the button and let the robot do the rest. S3030-PBT-4-100 is the high performance soldering robot that achieves fast, precise, and high-quality soldering operation. S3030-PBT-4-100 is the compact soldering robot for easy and quick to automate any soldering processes. XLT SMARTER Robot has been globally providing and developing high qualified soldering automation technology, including desktop soldering robots.

SMARTER BRAND S3030-PBT-4-100 automated robotic soldering solutions that meet the demands of applications that are too challenging for hand soldering.  Manual soldering, even with the most skilled operator, cannot produce the consistent results of a soldering robot.Our robotic solutions are available for contact soldering, Through Hole Component soldering, or new ultrasonic soldering and can be delivered in a variety of robotic platforms including in-line systems for higher throughput. We can also provide you with soldering modules for integration into your own automation cell.