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Congratulation!!SMARTER Brand Robot Entered the Omron China

Congratulation!The SMARTER brand soldering robot that manufactured by XLT International Electrolnics Co.,Ltd entered Omron (China) company on Feb 2th,2015.

As is well know to all,Omron is famous for providing high quality products to all over the world.Be able to establish cooperation with Omron is of great evidence to show the QUALITY of the SMARTER Brand robot.

XLT SMARTER’s universal desktop soldering robots with 4 axes have been taken advantages by the wide range of manufactures. It is adoptable with iron tip, laser as well as ultrasonic soldering technique. It is also suitable for any production styles, such as inline or cell. This model includes precision solder feeder and patented flux dispersal prevention tool, called Clean Cut Feeder, which dramatically reduces solder ball as well as dispersion.

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